Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So, this week, to try to cut out some of the stress of having to work until 8pm and having no time on the weekends I had the groceries delivered.  It was the first time that I have had this done, but it is something I have thought about doing for a while now.  Every trip to the store ends inevitably ends up in a fight or someone not being happy about how much we got/spent.  So with that having been said I think grocery delivery might be the way to go for this household.

I have admit that I sort of dread going to the store because people are just so inconsiderate and it makes me angry and frustrated.  But this week I didn't have to deal with the stress of going up and down the isles.  No one got in my way or cut me off with their crappy cart driving.  I only had to maneuver through the website and pick out what we needed.  The website I used also takes coupons - so it was much easier to try and save money then if I were standing there fumbling in the checkout line.  Delivery was only 5 bucks and as far as I am concerned it is well worth it to pay the delivery fee to have my time back and stress reduced.  I was also surprised that the selection of items they had was actually really great.  The produce came looking like what I would have picked out.  But the major thumbs up for me was that I didn't have the ability to impulse buy.  That alone saved us about half of our grocery bill normally would be.  So with that I am now a convert.  I will be ordering my groceries from here on out.  Thank you grocery man for making my life that much easier.